Juan Francisco Calero

(Director / Producer / Writer)



Finishing finalist in several literary contests since a young age, Juan Francisco Calero decided to pursue the improbable dream that burst out from his upbringing in a remote and minor city in the south of Spain, of telling his stories through movies, experimenting with his Hi8 domestic camera. 

After graduating from a Film, Video and Photographic Arts major at the University of Seville (Spain) and working briefly editing and directing reality TV shows, he moved to Madrid to continue learning and growing as a filmmaker. 

There, he was fortunate to work in dozens of productions, mainly in the postproduction and camera department, and, sometimes as a director, including short films, documentaries, commercials, feature films and some of the most iconic Spanish music videos.

Such a diverse experience attributed, indirectly, to grow as Director and find his own style. 

During the inception of the streaming series, he produced and co-created the transmedia urban fantasy series “The Chronicles of Maia” for one of the most important Spanish TV network’s new streaming channel. 

teamAfter the series reached high viewership and critical success, Juan Francisco has been producing new content around the world, which has been awarded by several international film festivals, all the while helping to develop the visual effects of Hollywood blockbusters such as Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy,” Warner Brother’s “Suicide Squad” and Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” working for visionary directors like James Gunn, the Duffer brothers and Ridley Scott.

Juan Francisco Calero is currently in Toronto, Canada, creating and producing new and innovative content.



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