The Fiction Anthology is a company that produces works in genre fiction (or speculative fiction)

As an independent production company, we often face challenges in reaching an audience for our work.

As fans of genre fiction, we have a hard time discovering new  genre creations amidst all the noise of internet.

The Fiction Anthology will tackle both of those problems. We provide a platform that links genre-fiction producers with audiences looking for quality independent work in fantasy, science fiction, horror, adventure, noir, and other sub-genres.

In addition to creations, in The Blog we will investigate creators and the craft involved in the Creation. We will learn about the inspirations, processes,  preferences of creators of genre fiction, and the messages that they want to share through their works.

And of course, as a genre fiction production company, we’d love to share with you Our Projects and behind-the-scene looks at how we create our own work.  You can enjoy our content and offer us feedback.

The Anthologists:

  • Juan Francisco Calero - Ever since I was a child in the warm south of Spain, I loved to write stories. My childhood stories were mashups of Superman and Star Wars universes, or The Famous Five and The Three Investigators adventures. They were always illustrated with ambitious but poorly drawn images. In high school, I realized that cinema wasn’t a … Continue reading Juan Francisco Calero
  • Taylor Gilmore - As long as I can remember, I’ve been a movie nerd. In fact, it wasn’t just movies that piqued my interest – I also loved sci-fi & fantasy in written or TV form. I was that kid running around the playground pretending to cast spells on my classmates because I has just read the new… Continue reading Taylor Gilmore

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