The Fiction Anthology (TFA) was born inspired by the wild film experimentation of the German Expressionism movies, the fresh storytelling of Hammer Films, the unstoppable passion of the Roger Corman’s and Cannon’s productions, and the citric cocktail of influences of the Spanish Fantaterror.

We want to bring that same freshness and originality to our projects that audiences gravitate towards and that inspire artists for generations.

Our main objective is to produce genre fiction with stories that engage niche and global audiences and with excellent production value despite the budget.

With experience working in Spanish and Canadian productions, we look for mixing both sensibilities and strengths in our creations.

Finally, as great fans of the enthusiasm of the independent Genre productions, we want to support other fellow Genre creators, sharing our “TFA Favs” and promoting them and their creations in our blog.

Please, feel free to contact us. We’ll love to hear from you.

The Anthologists:

Juan Francisco Calero (Director / Producer / Writer)
Taylor Gilmore (Social Media Manager / Writer)