Taylor Gilmore


Taylor Gilmore TFAAs long as I can remember, I’ve been a movie nerd. In fact, it wasn’t just movies that piqued my interest – I also loved sci-fi & fantasy in written or TV form. I was that kid running around the playground pretending to cast spells on my classmates because I has just read the new Harry Potter book (and getting extremely frustrated that none of those spells worked).

I realized later on that I could make magic, just not in the same way that Harry, Ron, and Hermione did. My way of making magic was by getting involved in the world of cinema and by taking part in creating the same media I marveled at in my childhood. I have since completed my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Film Studies, and worked on a number of independent films as a production manager. I also write regularly, with formats including screenplays, blog posts, and even video games!

I love genre fiction, and have a soft spot for Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy. There is something especially wonderful about independent art (films, video games, literature, and more) because of all the love and passion that goes into making it. With that in mind, I am delighted to be taking my next step forward with The Fiction Anthology.

Juan Francisco Calero


A002_C232_0101U5Ever since I was a child in the warm south of Spain, I loved to write stories. My childhood stories were mashups of Superman and Star Wars universes, or The Famous Five and The Three Investigators adventures.

They were always illustrated with Version 2ambitious but poorly drawn images.

In high school, I realized that cinema wasn’t a  distant fantasy, but  a profession that I could work towards. super8From then on, I abandoned my old dreams (of becoming an archaeologist, a psychologist, or a ninja) and focused on another one: to becoming a screenwriter (so somebody else could illustrate my stories with ambitious (but good) images)

After years of studying the craft of screenwriting, I realized that  earning money as a screenwriter in Spain would be difficult. So I started working as editor in television. After “hundreds” of years of editing and doing effects, production, color correction, camera operation, direction, motion graphic, camera rental, and all aspects of film production, I realized that I was losing focus in what drew me to filmmaking in the first place.  I needed to start writing again, and now I have the tools to illustrate better my own stories.

With my partner and an amazing crew and cast, I produced, wrote, and directed a urban-fantasy & adventure webseries. One of the biggest TV networks in Spain co-produced it and our audience loved it.

POSTERSTo look for a stable source of income and to continue improving my skills in creating awe-inspiring images, I started working as a Visual Effects Artist for big budget Hollywood movies.

Part of “The Chronicles of Maia” team

Despite my career in Hollywood, my main ambition is still to write amazing stories that my audiences will love, and “illustrate” them with images produced with my family of cast and crew.

You can find these projects on The Fiction Anthology.