A002_C232_0101U5I was born and raised in Cádiz, the most ancient city still in Western Europe.

Since I was a child, I was already kind of a “director.” I used to drag my friends to fantastic adventures like to look for hidden treasures or explore narrow caves. So it’s not a surprise that I feel so comfortable on set having “adventures” with my cast a crew.

Originally interested in being a screenwriter, I started my career 20 years ago as a video editor in TV. I continue working inIn the "Desert" the postproduction and/or camera department in lots of productions.

That diverse experience helped me, indirectly, to grow as director.

Eight  years ago I wrote, directed and produced a mystery and adventure short form series in Spain. With the help of an amazing cast & crew, we got the co-production of one of the most on the stairs
important TV networks. True loyal fans loved the characters.

Since then, I continue developing new projects around the world while I work in the Visual Effects of big-budget Hollywood movies and TV series.Team