Still Life: Hot

Hot is the first in a collection of psychological thriller short films (Still Life) about a psychopath who is looking for true beauty in the margin between life and death.

A woman wake up semi-naked and chained to a chair. The heat is unbearable... and somebody is watching her die.


Writer/Director: Bárbara López Sáenz

Bárbara is an Spanish filmmaker born in Barcelona. She started her career as an actress and founded her own theatre company. After graduating in Film and Media studies, with specialization in Directing Actor, she worked as a writer, director, and producer in theatre, radio, and TV. With an interest in new storytelling technologies, she is one of Spain’s leading experts in transmedia narrative. She wrote and directed the urban-fantasy and adventure Spanish webseries Las Crónicas de Maia, making it a pioneer in multiplatform storytelling. She has been the production coordinator of VFX for movies like Disney’s Cinderella or Star Trek Beyond.