As video games are becoming more and more visually sophisticated, the cross-pollination between the film industry and the game industry is growing.

We were surprised by the visual quality of The Pixel Theory: Pandora’s Box. This low-budget production—and in Spain, when you say “low-budget,” it really means “ultra-low-budget.” More importantly, we were surprised by the narrative:

What do the movies The Hobbit, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Pacific Rim, The Jungle Book have in common? 

Kelly Hughes is a living legend of 90s underground grunge horror. It wasn’t easy to be an independent genre filmmaker at that time, but Kelly managed to make a TV series all on his own. 

As big fans of Edgar Allan Poe’s tales, we couldn’t resist trying the iPoe app when we discovered it in the iClassics series. Poe’s works don’t need any extra features  to be awesome, but they become a completely new experience with animated illustrations, suggestive music, interactivity and a terrible fright at the end.

“I got up at seven in the morning (…)  I found a message from Scott Glassgold telling me (…) he wanted to help me turn R‘ha into a movie, with a Hollywood studio presumably. Yeah. “ That’s how Kaleb Lechowski, author of the short film R’ha describes the beginning of his Hollywood Fairy Tale.

We went to an event for the release of the book Assassin's Creed® The Complete Visual History at the Indigo bookstore in Montreal. We're big fans of the Art in the Assassin's Creed franchise, and the event was an awesome introduction to what's inside the book. 

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