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Bringing the Filmmaking experience to Games (12/3/2017) - As video games are becoming more and more visually sophisticated, the cross-pollination between the film industry and the game industry is growing. It’s easy to see this happening with technology and storytelling techniques. When you look at the artists that work in both industries, it’s not hard to imagine the crossover of CGI artists, as… Continue reading Bringing the Filmmaking experience to Games
From Visual Effects Artist to Director: Sorice (1/7/2017) - What do the movies The Hobbit, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Pacific Rim, The Jungle Book have in common? Well, they are all heavy in Visual Effects. Though there‘s been a new appreciation for practical effects, we have to agree that none of those movies could have been made a few decades ago,… Continue reading From Visual Effects Artist to Director: Sorice
Helping Horror Creators: Kelly Hughes (7/30/2016) - Kelly Hughes is a living legend of 90s underground grunge horror. It wasn’t easy to be an independent genre filmmaker at that time, but Kelly managed to make a TV series all on his own. Heart Attack Theatre, with over 30 half-hour-long episodes of no-budget horror stories, aired on TV (this was long before Youtube)… Continue reading Helping Horror Creators: Kelly Hughes